CAUTION: Contains spoilers and poor grammar. Read at your own peril.


What else can be said about the greatest show on television (in my humble opinion)? On this week’s episode of As Westeros Turns, Theon escapes on a white horse (surely no one could spot him in the woods on that) and almost get’s anally raped for his efforts and speaking of rape, even the big woman working for Lady Stark almost got sullied. Come to think of it, there was a lot of almost rape in this episode. Daenerys proves that she’s the one to watch for those keeping up with the betting pool for the iron throne. Things beyond the wall are heating up, and debauchery reins when Tyrion’s squire was rewarded with some of Little Finger’s best. Then again, who doesn’t expect some form of debauchery whenever Tyrion is on screen. Other than that, nothing else much to see other than the King Slayer doing his best Merle impersonation.

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