Daenerys unmovedAs the familiar violins and captivating drums began announcing the return of Game of Thrones, my skin broke out in gooseflesh. Like millions of others, I had been waiting for this moment for a year and NEEDED to know what would happen next. Will Jon live? Did Sansa and Theon get away? What’s next for Daenerys? Will karma continue to give Cersei justice? What about Arya?

The 1st episode of season 6 answered some of those questions, raised more, and did it all with a polish that was uncharacteristically amazing for a season opener! Game of Thrones is usually slow and meticulous favoring a slow and steady pacing that eventually crescendos to something great, but the premier episode came out the gate swinging, continuing the pacing of the season 5 finale and never letting up!

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you’re probably going to have a rough week waiting for episode two. If this was your first time watching the show, you’re probably hooked and going to be bing watching the prior seasons to catch up. Nothing in this episode ended the way you expected and that was a great thing. The twists and turns were jarring, completely unexpected, and advanced the plot in ways that foreshadowed what is likely to be the best season of Game of Thrones yet.

As a fan and bookworm who’s read all the novels, this episode was a fresh experience for me. Book readers, some arrogantly so, lorded over our ability to predict every step and arc of the show. Having the rug pulled from under our feet, for the first time, with the shows further ahead in the story than the books, though disappointing for many, actually unified fandom. We all get to experience the splendor of Westeros together and what a ride it is so far!

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