Today marks the start of the Kickstarter for Heroes of Home Room C—an all age graphic novel by Aristocrats Comics. For those who don’t know, Aristocrats Comics is a black-owned and operated comic book publisher, and Heroes of Home Room C will be the debut title for the founder and writer: Anthony Rutgizer.

Let me start by telling you what compelled me to write about this work. To be frank, it really wasn’t the title or the story, at first, it was the mission statement: “tell exciting stories while promoting diversity in both creators and characters”. Sweet, simple, and to the point and it aligns perfectly with our values here at TBG. After perusing their site for a bit, I decided to take a second look at the plot which I then fell in love with after second glance.
HoHC (Heroes of Home Room C) is about 12 year old, African American twins named Nicola and Albert Hathaway, who were once super heroes and lost their powers.  After what I can ONLY imagine being a devastating trial and tribulation, the kids then get sent back to public school. How hellish?! On the Aristocrats’ site, you can see that in Vol. One, the twins will face off against a wizard named Damien, who recently moved to their school following his parents’ divorce.  Damien wants to return to live with his father, a not-too-successful West Coast supervillain, so he enacts some dark magic filled plan.

Again, I wasn’t too into it at first because, 1) “All Age” made me squint at it a bit. I don’t really care for anything childish. 2) I saw 12 years old and if the protagonists weren’t vicious like in Hunter x Hunter, I doubted it could keep my interest.  But after re-reading the plot and taking a look at Vol. 2, it really gave me a sense of nostalgia. I caught a little hint of humor, definite action, and endless possibilities when it came to power. It only helps that anyone can watch it—all while being diverse. Not only do I think this will be a good read (and possibly a good TV show adaption for Nickelodeon or something) but we should definitely lend our support.  Make sure you visit to give yours!

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