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Typically, I would not make light of such a news story, but this is a matter of principle and common sense.

So I was reading this article on #WTOP the other day:

The protagonist of this story gets all up in her feeling because she caught pink eye from a visit to the museum.

HOLD UP… WAIT…! First… HOW THE HECK IS THIS NEWS??? This is fluff. The is fluffy fluff. This fluff is so fluffy it flies. So it’s flying fluffy fluff. How is a story about a person getting pink eye from a public place, worthy of being on a major local news outlet. This must fall into the category of a “slow news day”.

BUT WAIT… there’s more…

National_Building_Museum_-_5So this woman goes on to blame the National Building Museum for her the pink eye situation. For those of you who have not walked into the BEAUTIFUL National Building Museum, it is a wonderful place. The main hall is magnificent and it had lots of things to do, see, and learn. The exhibits are excellent. Let me emphasize that this is a PUBLIC place. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that this person never rides the WMATA Metro Subway or Street Bus system. You can catch just about anything your want from those “stainless steel shafts of sickness”. Personally, I started wearing gloves when I rode the subway.

For those of you who do not know how to keep healthy in public, let me offer a few words of advice.

  1. Wash your hands, often!
  2. If you touch anything (I mean ANYTHING) in public, do NOT touch your lips, the inside of your mouth, the inside of your nose and never… for Gawd sakes don’t EVVA…. EVVA EVVA EVVA EVVA EVVA … touch your eyes!
  3. If you ride mass transit… please see line #2.
  4. If you push a grocery cart at the store… … please see line #2
  5. If you go to a stadium, museum, playground, or location where little children might be found in large groups… please see line #2.
  6. If your parent(s) never told you about being outside and washing your hands when you came inside. Well… I weep for your childhood.

Here is the “Moral Moment”. People need to take responsibility for their actions. It’s like people blaming the food for being hot. Hot food is supposed to be hot. You should have enough sense not to eat the hot food.
It’s like blaming the empty pitcher for you being thirsty. If you had filled the picture you wouldn’t be thirsty.
It’s like blaming the Supreme Court for George Bush… if you had voted…
Did I go too far?
Just a little maybe?

I digress.

There are times when we can blame a faulty system for creating a situation, but we also need to stop and look at ourselves and ask… what could I have done to prevent this from happening.

Getting sick from a public place, like a museum, is not news… and it is certainly not the museum’s fault.

Check yourself!

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