Thor !I had the rare pleasure of joining Geek Soul Brother for the Tuesday April 24th edition of his podcast. I say rare pleasure, because his show starts at 10:00 pm and I try to be in bed by then, as my days start pretty early. Due to the technical difficulties we incurred, The Black Geeks Sunday April 21st podcast had to be cancelled and we rescheduled it for Tuesday night at 9:00. Instead of doing our usual after show, by general consensus, we decided to crash Geek Soul Brother’s spot. You know, like when your drunk rowdy friends show up at your house unannounced. But in our case, we showed up unannounced with a keg to a party that was already swinging. At this point, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. Bear with me, there is a point coming. On our show we were discussing new movie trailers and Thor 2 became a point of discussion. As great minds think alike, Geek Soul Brother and his crew were having a similar discussion. I believe fellow panelist Rayvolution (Don’t quote me on that) stated that even though the first Thor was tragic, he watched it anyway because he was “gay for Thor.”

That statement really got me to thinking about how I should have been really gay for Thor too. Not gay in that way, as Potbelly loves the ladies, but gay in the I should have loved Thor, and I really tried to, but I just couldn’t, because it sucked! Thor had the potential to be the next Lord of the Rings. The source material, landscapes, characters, mythology and fantasy elements were all there, but the writers, director, producers, and everyone else associated with this project decided to create a ridiculously unbelievable love/redemption story that took place in essentially one day, instead of creating an epic worthy of Peter Jackson’s envy. Hell, I should have been gay for Thor, but I couldn’t be. I should have been full on Beverly Hills Cop banana in the tail pipe gay for Thor. Not that I swing that way, but if you do, more power to you. As long as you are not hurting anyone or any animals, what you do is your own business and you have every right to fly your flag. I include animals because that’s where I draw the line. Animals shouldn’t be in the bedroom or backseat of the the car or couch or kitchen table unless they’re watching (Insert drum beat HERE!). But I digress. Thor was a disappointment to say the least because it watered down what had the potential to be a truly blockbuster franchise. Think Lord of the Rings with gods instead of Hobbits. The entire film should have been based on Asgard and ended on Earth. Jane Foster should have been introduced towards the end, then play a larger role in Thor 2.

Speaking of Thor 2, since this is how this whole thing started, the trailer looks pretty good. Unfortunately, a lot can’t be inferred from the trailer, but it appears like their going to be keeping the majority of the story in Asgard, which is what should have been done with the first film. I’m hoping the producers internalized enough criticism from the fans and the blogosphere and made some much needed changes. We’ll see. Right now it’s a bit to early to tell and you can’t form an opinion based on one trailer. But I’m holding out hope, because I’d really like to be gay for Thor 2! But in the platonic, let’s be friends kind of way…


  1. How many times do you have to mention that you’re not gay before you feel people will believe it? Also you must’ve never read Tolkien because there’s no way in Hades, Thor could’ve been remotely comparable. It would have been easier to just say it could have been as good as Iron Man and leave it at that. Who are you guys?

    • Revan, welcome to the site and thanks for commenting. I have read a lot of Tolkein. I actually have the first copy of the Hobbit my mom gave me when I was kid. The article was comparing Thor to the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings in the sense that their similarities warranted the producers taking a clue and direction from what Peter Jackson accomplished with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. As far as the rest, you obviously don’t like my brand of humor, so I’ll agree to disagree on the remainder. Peace and love…

    • I think my friend, you are missing the point. Gay politics aside I want to make two points. For all who read our posts and listen to our show, know that bother Phayce and the crew loves each and every one of you… and so if indeed you do follow the show and feel the need to contribute to our discussions then, all I ask is that y-y-you d-d-dont take this ass c-chewing p-personally! That said I must know, do you even read Thor comics? I ask because if you did, you would understand the Lord of the Rings reference. Not so much that the stories are the same, but the tenor of it, that middle earth/mid-evil feel. Of course the content would be a bit different obviously, my brother Potbelly assumed that you would get the obvious, but as I have explained to him before, not everyone is blessed with the gift of insight. It isn’t about weather or not it was as good as Iron Man, it didn’t have to be. Secondly, as we have explained many times, we love everyone equally, and as such we clown on EVERYONE equally. Political correctness to be honest isn’t well liked over here. Not that I thought it was over the top, but I guess different strokes. I say this because you seem upset about something said. I would apologize, but I would be lying and we just aint got time for that! If I’m willing to crack jokes on my own mother, you better believe the rest of the world is fair game: gay folks, midgets, monkeys, Shaolin Monks whatever! There is enough laughter to be found in all walks of life, get over it. If you feel I was misunderstanding you, then… well just consider this a public service announcement. Me, I go by King Phayce… who the hell are you?

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