Big Baba Rob on Good Games Podcast

It is rare that a host gets to sit on the other side of the table and have someone else interview them. This week, I sat in with the brothers from the Good Games Podcast to talk about a number of topics. Respect to Frank, Alex, and Khalik for having me on. We had some great conversations about Star Trek, Transformers, Young Justice, Podcasting, Movies, The Black Geeks, the Blerd Community, and other geekish topics. It was a roller-coaster of emotions from start to finish.

You can listen in to the podcast here:

Good Games Podcast: Episode 118 – Big Baba Rob

There are a few items that I made reference to in the show that I need to mention:

After seeing Pacific Rim, I realized that the technology has final arrived that will allow for the production of a “good” Voltron movie. I wrote a simple outline for the big screen debut of Voltron. You can check it out here:

During our conversation about the Blerd Community, I referred to an article I wrote about my experience at DragonCon. Here is a link to my comments:

Finally, I spoke about my affinity for robots. A while ago, I posted this article listing my top ten robots.  Robots have been a big part of my life since Olympics of the Mind competitions, Armitron, and of course Transformers.
Check out my Top 10 List of Robots here:

I hope you enjoy the interview, I know that I did. Please reach out to the crew at the Good Games Podcast or myself @BigBabaRob  on Twitter. I would like to know your thoughts on any of the topics we covered. Thanks.

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