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As time moves forward and I see how well the blog talk show is going I find myself wondering where do I fit in.  We talk about technologies that I have very little data on. I was never deep into comic book super heroes as the rest of my homies. Up until a few weeks ago I didn’t play video games since colecovision, now I’m playing the walking dead go figure.  So I sat down feeling kind of out of place and I’m sure my boys see it too.  So what I realize is I need to tap into the younger me the guy who is very much interested in what I believe is real life scifi. I  have always been caught up in the legend of big foot, area 51 and the ET movies realism.  What I mean is like most people I love conspiracy theories and the evidence that people seem to have to back them up. I was completely fascinated with William Coopers “behold a pale horse”. In this book he explains how the cover up fr crashed UFO’s were true and real. he explains the cover ups and how because of  a breach the movie ET came to life.  I also, am very interested in the spiritual side of life specifically the ghost theory.  Do they exist or are they just psychotic manifest of the human brain. Movie I love to watch consist of any horror and the best ones are the ones that can really happen(Michael Meyers over Jason any day).  I recently saw the movie Dark skies. I thought it to be excellent.  Another love of my life is the wilderness. Hunting fishing hiking camping being in the outdoors is like air I have to have it. I guess when its all said and done I am a Geek just not as vocal about it.  I also figure with all the skills and vast amount of information I hold I would be a rather serious force in a Survival situation (Jack of all trades kind of GEEK)

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