MKX fans rejoice! The first of four MKX DLC characters was released today and it was none other than Mr. Friday the 13th himself, Jason Voorhees. The team at NetherRealm got Jason’s look and feel down perfectly, much better than that crappy Freddy Kreuger DLC from a few years back. I really enjoyed putting Jason through the paces and treating MKX fighters like Cassie Cage like Camp Crystal Lake counselors.

Jason isn’t armed with a ton of moves or combos, which I think is perfect, because if he fought like a ninja, that would have screwed everything up. Fighting with Jason is how I would imagine WWE’s The Undertaker would fight if he were in his game. They should definitely make that happen! Jason is a bruiser complete with powerful  and vicious moves. He was a blast to play and now I can’t wait for the next MKX DLC, which will hopefully be The Predator. Check out my quick review video below to get some insight into how Jason looks and feels.

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