Kanye West hanging out with Donald Trump in Trump Tower

It is safe to say Kanye West is one of the more controversial celebrities of the year, if not decade. After being released from the hospital earlier this week, following a mental breakdown (and/or rumored exhaustion), West met with Donald Trump, sporting blonde hair similar to the president elect. This follows weeks after multiple tirades West had at his concerts which included praise for #notmypresident Donald Trump.

People, myself included, have been less than enthusiastic about West’s decision to support Trump, (personally, I think it’s a publicity stunt, there is very little point in him saying he WOULD have voted for a candidate if he had ACTUALLY voted for the candidate). This writer believes West may be hitting a ceiling in terms of his madness. It gets no higher in amounts of “cray” to be a Black man supporting a politician who is practically the nemesis of people of color (not to mention women, immigrants, and anyone who isn’t a millionaire). West later claimed via Twitter that he met with Trump to discuss ‘multicultural issues’, but afterwards also posted an autographed TIME cover of Trump where the president elect calls West a “great friend.” .

While most celebrities who seem extreme, such as Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, (and practically every rock band in existence), tend to mellow out as they get older, Kanye West has done the exact opposite. His Twitter rants and battles are eventful to say the least, and the release of The life of Pablo was a mess. This may be him raising the bar on his own incompetence or simply just a man hitting rock bottom. Either way, he’s earned our Facepalm of the Week.

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