With the monarchy in serious trouble, Wrath and Beth must persevere and overcome politics which use their union as a means to unseat the King. Wrath who’s never been a fan of sitting at his father’s desk, finally realizes the significance of his role and with the help of his wife and together they seek a way to remain in power and stay that way. Meanwhile, Assail, goes after his beloved and all hell breaks loose. Trez and iAm’s story continues with a few interesting twists the result of which is that a new and potentially very interesting character is introduced, plus we FINALLY get confirmation that they are Black more or less. Xcor whom you just love to hate, decides to do something completely out of character, and you’re rarely left feeling that something or someone is missing from this tale, though the usual antagonists take a break from this story.

Contrary to popular belief (not that anything about me is popular), some of The Black Geeks are hard-core bookworms. Though we rarely discuss books on the show and getting us to write a review is like pulling teeth. That said, I wanted to share some thoughts about The King, book 12 in The Black Dagger Brotherhood, by J.R. Ward. I’m loathe to call this a review per-se as I have a strict “Do Not Spoil” rule when it comes to books. There’s something about reading the Professor Snape killed Dumbledore, The Red Wedding, or Roland reaching the Tower that has to be experienced firsthand and without prior knowledge.

The King is a masterful continuation of an amazing series that in way takes the reader back to the first entry into the series, Dark Lover. After the culmination of Qhuinn and Blaylock’s mating in the aptly titled Lover At Last, or as I like to call it, thank God that is finally settled. It was great to see the story and series progress past what often appears as the singular focus of who’s going to hook up next. Certainly, there are several budding romances that are continued in The King, all providing just enough to leave you wondering who’s the next couple to be featured, however, The King feels like a much needed break from all the stuff that leaves you feeling like a nancy.

Overall, this was an amazing book, the worst part being that you’ll have to wait another year most likely for the next entry. This is a great series and if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, it needs to be right up there in your list of all things Vampire.

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