I mean… right now.
Stop what you are doing and go buy your tickets to see it.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is the best action-comedy-parody-drama-spy movie ever. It hits you on all levels of emotion. 

There as sad serious moments.

There are pulse pounding, edge of your seat moments.
There are high action fire fights.
There are “OHHHH that hurt” moments.
There are moments where you can’t stop laughing.
This movie is just all of that!

Kingsman is not a “parody” in the traditional sense, but there are just so many parts where they poke fun at spy movies and other genres.
There are some many stand-out elements to this movie.
  • The cinematic are very well done. But you have to appreciate the art where they could have gone for the HD graphics, but they kept it so 16-Bit.
  • The soundtrack added an amazing flavor to the film. In a number of situations, you barely notice the music playing under the scene. It adds to the movie like gravy on whipped seasoned mashed potatoes. There soundtrack to the movies is like one of the actors. It just completely makes the scene. 
  • The fight scenes are extremely well choreographed. They are not all short scenes either. 
  • The acting is spot on by everyone, with just a VERY slight exception to Taron Egerton. I really liked him in the role overall. There were a few moments where he was a little bland, but maybe it was just an English thing. Overall… he did an amazing job with many of the scenes. I think a lot of people will be surprised by his agility.
  • The writing is the best part of this move. TWO THUMBS up to screenplay writers. There are so many gems in the dialogue of the main characters. They make references to old cult classic movies as well as general pop culture references. 
  • Last but not least… there is that “Master Folding” Samuel L. Jackson. He KILLS in this role. You will find yourself laughing at him even when he is being dead serious. It’s just amazing. Also… when you see this movie… ask yourself… was Russell Simmons that inspiration for Valentine or what? 

This is not a movie for the kids. It’s like what would happen if you took a Vitamix Blender… and you threw in “Die Another Day” (a James Bond film), “Sucker Punch”, “Bill Bill”, “Inconvenient Truth”, “Kick-Ass” and maybe “Boondock Saint”… then added a pint of Guinness mix well for 90 minutes and serve it cold. 

Yeah… do that!

This is the first movie that I actually want to see again and pay full price for. It was really just that good. 

So get your tickets people… and then get your friend a ticket… then get your letter carrier a ticket… then go brush your teeth… because your mouth is going to be open for most of this movie!
Look… here is a link to Fandango. You’re welcome.


  1. Ok, this is one of my MUST SEE movies just like the latest Hobbit installment, but I must wait until stimulus Tuesday. So much to do and so little time to do it in, plus naturally I have to wait until the “kid” is in school. ….

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