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A 22 second clip isn’t much to go on for a full review, so I’ll start off by saying that from what I saw, I’m excited. This is the Luke Cage I wanted to see. As well written as Jessica Jones was and as innovative as the noir-style writing was for a superhero show, I was spoiled by season one of Daredevil. I found myself wanting to see Luke Cage in a fast paced, action packed, and well written show; essentially one long fight scene with some dialogue peppered in. Of course for every other viewer out there, I hope it has slightly more depth than that.

I was a bit skeptical when they cast Mike Colter for the role, having only seen him as the drug dealer Lemond Bishop from The Good Wife. Don’t get me wrong, he was excellent in that role, but they are two starkly different parts. He seems like he’s settled in comfortably in Cage’s shoes though, and looks to be ready to take this role from any angle the show will demand of him.

Whatever this show brings to the table, I sincerely hope that it not only does Luke Cage the justice he deserves, but sets the bar yet again for Marvel Shows.


Written by: Gareth Cobb March 21, 2016

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