Ok, so let’s be honest for a moment, I’ve been accused many times of unfairly slamming movies. I’ve been called difficult, overly critical, unrealistic, and at times a slave to canon, which honestly translates into being a dinosaur. I’ve often been accused of these very things by my fellow geeks. To this, I usually say, BITE ME! Somebody’s got to be honest and tell the truth about these subpar movies that get more an more expensive to watch and all to often suck monkey balls. If the purveyors of truth in our society are destined to be mocked and ridiculed until we get to say our collective “I told you so’s,” so be it. I’ll accept that. Just don’t lie to me god damn, don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining and expect me to take it graciously,with a smile and good cheer! The Samurai don’t turn the other cheek, he takes heads! This sentiment is usually how I feel after watching a great many comic book adapted movies. Hell, 2006’s Superman Returns rates high on that list. The steaming pile of dung that turned out to be. I stood in line for hours for a midnight pre-screening of that turd. I still want my money back for that sh**! If you’re listening Warner Bros., at some point you’re going to pay me what you owe me!

With that being said, you can imagine how low my expectations were going into the theatre. However, I left a believer! Not only does Man of Steel soar, it sets the stage for an all new platform of DC movies. The combination of Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder seems almost invincible when it comes to movies in the genre. Like his Batman Trilogy, Nolan deviates from cannon somewhat, but he does so in very smart ways that enhance both character development and story. Together Snyder and Nolan avoid the many clich├ęs and canon derived plot holes that made many other Superman movies lame. Quite honestly, this is probably the first time I’ve celebrated deviations from canon. The changes not only worked, they made more sense than some of the original source material. The script/screenplay were very smartly written and the casting was spot on. From Henry Cavill as Superman all the way down to Michael Shannon of Board Walk Empire fame, as General Zod, I really don’t think they could have done any better on the casting.

I have to applaud Warner Bros. for taking a darker more realistic look at the Superman character. In my opinion, the character development in this film, was much deeper and more profound than in any of the past movies. I especially like the interplay between Clark and Jonathan. Kevin Costner did a great job as Jonathan Kent and you could see how the father son relationship helped to shape Superman’s character. One of the things I like most about the movie is that Superman was not viewed as perfect, but rather with some self doubt, regrets and imperfections that served to build his character. I found him more relatable this go round, which is refreshing given his demi-god like status.

As a movie goer you’ll find the visuals stunning. Although they borrow some from other movies, you won’t mind and will enjoy watching every bit of it. My only criticism, and I don’t know if this is more directorial or editorial, but, I found some of the scene transitions to be a bit choppy. But hey, that’s really just nit picking, as it doesn’t detract from the movie at all. In honor of Gene Siskel and Robert Ebert I give Man of Steel two enthusiastic thumbs up! For the first time, in a long time, I’m really looking forward to what DC and Warner Bros. does next! You still owe me for Superman Returns though, don’t think I forgot!


  1. Based on the trailer, I was super excited (pun intended) to see Superman. I knew Chris Nolan was in the directorship chair and love what he does on the big screen. As a new mom, I don’t often get to the movies, but my mom watched my daughter and I went last night. I must say, I liked the movie and thought it was very good. I would give it a B+.

    Spoiler alert:

    Here are the Pros:

    Superman in all of his fineness. Especially with the beard in the beginning wearing his “I’m a lumberjack attire”. Cheers to the working man.

    Superman’s new costume which looked a lot more expensive and well constructed than any other one I’ve seen.

    The S key. Yes, I want one because it looked cool.

    The character development of young Clark Kent. The movie would segway between young Clark in school, dealing with bullies, on the bus etc. I enjoyed how young Clark’s character was conflicted with his powers, which I found to be realistic.

    The relationship between Superman and his father (Kevin Costner) ALMOST had me shed a tear. I didn’t cry but I heard some sniffs in the audience.

    The special effects. I don’t know after seeing this movie if I can ever watch the boring original again.

    Casting: Larry Fishburne as head of the Daily Planet. Nosy Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and Russell Crowe weren’t too bad either. The lady Criptonian who was fighting all of the time. Loved her!


    For some reason, every scene Zod was in just make me want to cringe. I think it is because he reminded me of a cross between David Letterman and the young kid with the freckles on the cover of MAD magazine. I really didn’t believe that he was supposed to be so fierce and evil. It was like he had the Napoleon complex and was always used to getting his way. Superman should of had a more formidable foe.

    Movie editing: Towards the end of the film, Lois Lane mysteriously appears when Zod and Superman fell back down to Earth crashing into I believe what was supposed to be the MET Museum. Really? You go up to space after fighting in NY only to land in NY again? Well, at this part, Zod and Superman are hashing it out and Zod is using his eye lasers to try and kill some MET tourists. Mind you, six minutes ago Superman saved a falling Lois Lane from the sky dropping her off somewhere in Manhattan with lots of debris everywhere. Now, Lois arrived at the MET to watch Superman and Zod fight. How did she get there so fast? I’m a New Yorker so I don’t know how she got there amidst all the debris, traffic, and confusion. Did Lois have levitation powers that we didn’t know about?

    The movie extras were not that believable or they were just plain stupid. When Superman was about to battle Zod’s minions in Kansas they just stood there looking dumb and Superman had to tell them to get inside and lock the doors. Get inside people! Are you crazy?

    The scene where Superman was in a T shape like he was being crucified and in the background was a church’s depiction of Jesus. You know where I’m taking this one.

    Lastly, something very strange happened while I was watching this movie. 3/4 of the way through I got this thought that I didn’t like this movie and was done. After watching it until the end, I changed my mind. Like I said, B+. It was not anything I expected and I am looking forward to the sequel.

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