The other day, @Brothascomics posted this image to on Facebook.

Earth for dinner

Acknowledging my pending doom, I cried out in his Facebook comments.

“No no no…. Not yet. I have not finished Fallout 4 and I just have to see Black Panther in IMAX 3D!!! After that… Dinner is served.”

This is what prompted him to post the hashtag #GeekBucketList. Finishing Fallout 4 is only one small item on my #GeekBucketList. So I committed to posting the remaining 9 items. So let us begin.

#10. The Motorcycle Geek: The Honda F6B.

Honda FB6

I have been a motorcycle rider for over 14 years. I have logged well over 70,000 miles. I have owned three different motorcycles. I WANT THIS ONE! I want a big comfortable road bike with a slamming stereo. I’ll take a lightly used one. But I’m ready for this. I have put in my dues. I’ve had my fair share of falls. I’m ready for some simple luxury riding.
“Hey Honda… If you give me one, I promise to write about it and vlog my experience with it. Thanks!”


#9. The Celebrity Geek: Meet Nia Long in person.

nia long

I have made not secret of my respect and admiration for Nia Long. I love her as an actress, a mother, a Black woman, and a person. She has been real about everything from the movie industry, to race, to beauty standards, to her kids. I use to say that I wanted to just have a sit down lunch with her and discuss a number of different topics, but now… I’ll just take a smile and a hand shake.


#8. The Computer Geek: Triple Screen a First Person Shooter game.

triple screen

I have three monitors at the moment (27”, 24”, 22”). I have an ASUS GeForce GTX 980 4GB graphics card . I have many many many games. Nothing to it, but to do it.

#7. The Movie Geek: Black Panther.


The Black Panther movie is something that The Black Geeks have been calling for since our inception back in 2012. This movie will be a game changer. This movie will blend comics, Africans, and African culture. The casting is shaping up to be great. This is going to be an amazing movie if the proper respect is given to the canon.

#6. The Travelling Geek: Machu Picchu


There is something just magically about Machu Picchu. The ancient stones. The mountain ranges. The architecture. What it must have been like to be a builder in this era. Amazing!

#5. The Fitness Geek (#GeekFit): Get Semi-Buff.


Like many, maintaining a healthy weight takes time and commitment. A year ago I stated my #BishopBody workout to get “CLOSER” to looking like Bishop from the Marvel Comics. Now I don’t want to be quite that swole, but I’d like to get lean and mean. I’d like to trade by keg for a two-pack. I need to stop typing this blog post and go to the gym.

#4. The Gamer Geek: Finish Fallout 4.


I am willing to forgo finishing Skyrim so I can find out what happens at the end of Fallout 4. I’m sure the answer to my curiosity is available in the annals of Youtube, but I’d rather have the experience.

#3. The Car Geek: Buy a NEW car.


I have always purchases used cars and motorcycles. I am ready to get my first new car that has never had a long term butt in the seat.

#2. The History Geek: Walk inside The Grand Gallery.


While I would not mind seeing an Aztec pyramid or Mayan pyramid, I would really like to walk up the Grand Gallery in the Pyramid of Khufu.

#1. The Music Geek: Interview Shock G.

Shock G

I know that this might seem strange to be my number one #GeekBucketList item, but I’m a big Digital Underground fan. I have DU stuff that most people don’t even know exist. I want to talk to him about his life. His creative process. His relationship with music and the industry. His years of playing piano. But most importantly… I want to give him his “Heartbeat Props” <=== Click hear the song. I want to thank him for all the joy he gave an awkward loner teenager growing up in DC.

So that’s my #GeekBucketList. What’s on your list?

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