The Walking Dead Issue 154 CoverIn a mostly Rick-less issue 154 of The Walking Dead Comic, we follow fugitive┬áNegan as Michonne and Aaron track him. Not much happens in this issue, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Walking Dead is often at it’s best when it slows down a little for more character and plot development. It’s those quiet moments and slow burns that you historically have to be wary of, and issue 154 was no different. We start off with some much needed Andrea-time as she and Maggie have a heart-to-heart discussion about life, raising kids, and whether or not Carl would prefer to boink Sophia instead of Lydia AKA lil miss virginity thief, and one of the reasons why the survivors are in the mess they are currently in. It’s really good to see Andrea doing more than just being Carl’s new mom and Rick’s wifey. She has been barely mentioned in many issues and this current role for the once prominent Andrea, is why many are leery of the TV show’s adaptation and fan favorite relationship #Richonne; many hope Michonne doesn’t fully become comic Andrea. Speaking of Michonne, she and Aaron continue tracking Negan, and as usual she means business. As they banter about potential and current lovers they stumble upon a dead, but not undead, Brandon who got Neganed in issue 153. I guess no good deed goes unpunished. Maybe Brandon shouldn’t have irritated the leather clad sociopath. Negan bumps into the Whisperers and meets Beta and things get interesting from there, especially when he meets Alpha. The question is whether or not Negan intended to meet up with the deadskin wearing community or not. You never know with Negan. Back in Alexandria, Eugene runs his mouth with his mysterious radio pal which eerily reminds me of Fear the Walking Dead on AMC and what happened as a result of doing such things. Though Eugene hasn’t created trouble for Rick and crew in a long while, it seems that in his grief, he may have stuck his foot in it. You never know… Back at the Hilltop, Carl wants everyone to know he’s not a boy and hasn’t been for a long time. See what happens when a teenage boy has sexual relations? Finally, we end with Michonne and Aaron on Negan’s trail when they too encounter the Whisperers and it doesn’t go well for everyone.

There’s so much going on in an issue with so little. This is why The Walking Dead comic is one of the best out there and has lasted so long.Negan

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