Apple TV might be in for a massive upgrade. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac The biggest Apple TV update ever could make an appearance next month at WWDC, according to a new report that claims the new set-top box will feature innovative new software features to go with the hardware upgrade.

BuzzFeed News reports that the successor to Apple TV is headed to the market this summer, and Apple intends to show it off at WWDC, along with a long-awaited App Store and software development kit to help developers get their games and other apps into your living room.

The new Apple TV will come with an updated UI as well as a physical redesign. Apple will use an A8 chip or some variant to power the box, while also dramatically increasing the onboard storage beyond the meager 8GB currently used. Siri voice control support will also be added to the box, enabling it to remotely command HomeKit-enabled devices.

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