2 Lost is the first comic released from the new comic book company, The 5th Wall, officially The 5th Wall-OD Creations, LLC. The 5th Wall is run partners, K. Bly, John Watson, Saint Reaper, and KT.

The 5th Wall is not just about comics. It’s about breaking barriers. It’s about proving that a group of people, who bonded over their love of comics, can come together and create their own. Not only create their own comics, but also be able to integrate and compete with the major comic book companies. The 5th Wall is a chance to say that being a nerd and being the underestimated underdog does not mean you fail. It means that you don’t have to fit in to stand out. It means that when you have nothing else but your imagination and ambition, that is enough. The 5th Wall is a chance for us to show that when you work hard and believe in yourself, your dreams can become a reality.

The company is continuing to build and grow from the ground up. 2 Lost is the first issue of a 4 part mini series. It is now available on Amazon Kindle and the Kindle app for smartphones, iPads, and tablets. 

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