According to The World’s Finest a Cartoon Network representative has said “we are not canceling anything” as it relates to both the Young Justice and Green Lantern animated series. For those keeping up with the drama that has angered fans across the globe, yesterday Cartoon Network issued a press release overview of the network’s 2013-2014 upfront presentation, citing new programming initiatives and returning titles. Notably absent from the returning series/specials list were Young Justice and Green Lantern. Fans went ape-shite over this and rightfully so given the reviews. So maybe it was an oversight, maybe it’s a cover-up. Who knows? But for now, maybe it’s safe to assume that Young Justice and Green Lantern will still have a home at Cartoon Network.


“Shows will run their courses, others will premiere – but we are not canceling anything, and those two series are still on our air.” 

“[We] still have premieres for both those shows and are committed to excellent action programming and are very excited about ‘Beware the Batman.’” – Cartoon Network representative


  1. They would be foolish to let Young Justice go. It is extremely well written and the fight/action scenes are great. I like the Green Lantern show. The character development has more depth to it that one would expect, especially around Razor (sp). Just not sure where they are going to go with the storyline after the Manhunter saga.

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