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So we survived and now what? the Mayan calender didn’t have an immediate effect except to have everyone waiting in slight panic for the end of the world. So what did you think you would wake to find a scene from the book of Eli, that you would have been saved from the havoc? Well whose to say that 2013 would be the start of the craziness. In the case that that might be train people still prepare for a nomadic life learn from the homeless and build a safe haven in you mind so that you’ll never be displaced.  You will always be home as long as you have the knowledge and skills to survive. I’m still out trying to figure new ways to support a family in a world with no rules, where property is a sketchy thing because people might try to kill you if they find you on their land especially in a shtf situation.  What does the world have in store? well just figure out your position and how you would deal.

Happy New Year

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