A few day’s ago at their development conference, Samsung released their concept for an electronic personal assistant named Otto.. and frankly, he’s quite adorable. I wouldn’t usually say that about electronic equipment, but it has a display screen that defaults as a face; and who doesn’t want their favorite gadget to have a face?

Depending on the weather, the screen can display different things such as sunshine, rain, and things of that nature. You can also use it to answer questions as you would Siri or something similar. The part that’s interesting to me Samsung-make-personal-assistant-robot-called-Ottothough, is that it has an HD camera built in that uses facial recognition software for a more personalized assisting experience, or for use as a potential security camera. The fact that Otto has a camera built in, does raise some privacy concerns though. The camera can livestream to your phone and along with the microphones some people might find it unsettling to have those things potentially being used as a direct window into their home.

Unfortunately what Samsung showed at the conference is just a prototype, Otto isn’t on the market quite yet. So the cute singing and dancing that the little assistant does for you, will have to wait. Considering it can control the thermostat, light switches, and refrigerator all while looking like something out of a Disney movie, I’m somewhat disappointed.


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Gareth Cobb
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