In today’s world where virtually everything is digital and where a single person can have a hundred or more passwords for one application or another,  and considering there are people out there who would love the opportunity to crack your code it is easy to see why one would try to got the most complex route when creating a password and/or creating security question.  In this Phayce has just one word of advice… Don’t!  Let me explain.  While it is true you do want to be somewhat creative in the process what you don’t want to do is out think yourself. Or more importantly, you don’t develop easy to guess patterns.  Now as most of us do not have our entire life written in the pages of Wikipedia, this task isn’t as daunting for some.  But in the event that you want to pretend you are that special ( we all feel that way because mama loves us!) then here are some tips or as I call them, my PASSWORD PROTOCOLS.

1.) Keep it simple yet mysterious.

When thinking of a password you should strive to come up with something that would be extremely easy to remember while at the same time it shouldn’t be something that anyone who knows you could easily associate with you.  Also pick a couple of numbers and symbols that would be constant in your passwords and come up with your own method of placing them in your password. For example using the & or @ sign in your passwords as follows: Ph@yceIsAweso&me ( This is just an example.  It would in fact be a horrible password because we all know this.)

2.)  Don’t confuse yourself.

This may seem obvious but the reality more people do it than you might imagine.  Hell I know a guy whose name sounds like Face who just pulled this stunt not too long ago. It is smart to pick multiple phrases  to span your  many passwords but you should not chose to many nor should you go out of your way to make them complex.  The goal in all of this is to function without having to write stuff down if possible.  Again simple to you and you alone.  Like for example if everyone knows you are vegan, a good idea might be to use “IlvHamburgers9”.  Variations are okay but again you want to be careful with that unless  you have a method in your variations.

3.  Be monotonously creative with your security questions.

More and more applications are starting to use security questions as a means to gain access.  In this you MUST be careful.  This is where people mess up.  Most questions are pretty much the same across the board!  If I really wanted to put the time in it wouldn’t be difficult to guess your questions if I knew a little bit about you. So, what I would suggest is you choose four or five phrases.  Like in all else they should be phrases that would otherwise be alien to you.  Pick these phrases and no matter what the questions are, use these phrases.  That way even if I knew your mothers maiden name I most likely wouldn’t guess “The sparrows fly south for winter and eat skittles”  As silly as that sound I promise you the  likelihood of someone figuring out such a phrase is slim to none; unless you are a mouse with an overly large head that seems to be to smart for your own good and even then I doubt it.

There are many more tricks I can come up with but alas I don’t think I will less I give away some of my favorites like my sparrows line.  However if you have any questions or suggestions you can always go to the forums and sign up and start a thread.  Or just hit me up on twitter @KPhayce and lets see what you got. As always people stay safe and until next time  Peace and Love.

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