Razer’s newest product is a wireless keyboard, mouse and mouse surface all in one. While the Razer Turret has a sleek look and cool design, the $159.99 price is steep for a few peripherals. I compared the price of Razer’s lapboard to the price of getting each piece individually and the results weren’t surprising..

A quick google search found that I could spent half as much to get a similar product. The Turret is overpriced. Simply put, its too high end for casual use and not good enough for intense gaming. I have been using the same $40 wireless razer-turret.0mouse and keyboard combo for 5 years and chances are someone looking for a comfortable way to use their keyboard from the couch won’t buy this.

The Turret’s mouse has 3500 DPI and that probably means absolutely nothing to a casual user. People don’t need a gaming mouse to search for internet videos online. The Turret’s keyboard is significantly different than what most PC gamers are looking for. This is not a bad product it just doesn’t have a solid target audience. Casual users don’t need the massive price tag and gamers don’t want a keyboard targeted to casual users. This product seems more likely to be purchased for someone else as a gift item.

The Razor Turret has a lot of interesting features, but none of them make you want to buy it. The 40 hour battery life and magnetic mouse are the biggest temptations. Yes, it has great battery life and it looks good enough to show off in your living room, but it doesn’t have much else going for it. Overall, this is a cool product but skip it until a price drop.

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