If you haven’t seen Rogue One, stay clear of this post.


Rogue One’s story was engaging and never let up. The effects were near flawless, the action was superb, and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone on Earth willing to be critical of this movie! It’s probably going to rank amongst fans in the top three Star Wars Films of all time! Whether it was Donnie Yen, Tarkin, or the easter eggs there was something to rave about from everyone, especially VADER!!!

Words can not express the awesomeness that was seeing Vader in his castle on Mustafar or his epic scene toward the end of the movie! That alone was worth the price of admission!

There was more to Rogue One than Vader. You had the seamless integration of the prequel Star Wars novel Catalyst, the amazing beach scene, and who could forget K-2SO, the funniest droid ever in the series!

I am as enthralled with this movie as I was the day I saw it. Check out me and Big Baba Rob’s immediate reaction after we saw Rogue One!

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