So I’ve been out of touch for some time due to some PC issues. My laptop went to crap on me;  son of a motherboard just up and died (To hell with Toshiba). Then I decided to up grade an old PC which is “THE TRUTH”, for now. I even got a video card(Yeah BOY).  So Straight from the under growth aiming straight at the Survival Geeks out there, I’m back. So now we’re in the comfort season and skill building is the game.  People need to get out, hike , backpack, camp, and what ever else will make you comfortable in the wilderness.  A friend of mine introduced my wife and myself to some people who run a Camp called Dogwood.  I’m sort of insulted, thinking what the hell can they teach my children that I haven’t? Any who my wife secretly signed them up and my son (the little traitor) actually asked to go.  My fault though I don’t get them out enough, so Ill bite the bullet on that one.  Well, I get to this meeting to here the kiddie S*** they want to present and found that it is just that KID S***. Now as I’m listening I here this young lady talk about an R.O.P. Program and really went nut (Cussing her out inside) She proceeds to tell us about this Rites Of Passage thing in which my eldest daughter went through some time ago and it pissed me off due to her experience with the people who were, Never mind (my personal feeling aside I apologize for the rant) Any way  after the lady spoke I thought to myself YES! shes actually going to use the skills I gave her (and make the whole group look a little amateurish, counselor and all).  Yeah I know rites of passage bonding and learning, but hell a daddies pride. Its a three day backpack in rough wilderness with holes and toilet paper, what a life. Quiet, outdoors, and freedom with your brain to depend on minus the junk in the pack.  The downside, She can’t go because she won a gold medal at the ACT-SO competition and now she  has been selected to go to the nationals in Florida (business plan for a vegan cookie recipe). A proud dad yes an even prouder husband because my home schooling wife got her there.  so I’m a little deflated that she won’t get the wilderness experience but my computer is working again and I got some things to talk about. until next time peace!images (1)

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