Star Wars Battlefront, Have you failed us?

A New Hope – Battlefront Arises:

Part 1

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I personally waited for this game for years. My silver Arkham Knight version PS4 is sitting within eyeshot of me. The reason I own it is because I knew Battlefront was coming. As Star Wars fan, once I heard the series was making a return I had to play it. I saved every penny I could to purchase the console. I preordered the game and walked out of GameStop with the system and three other titles in hand a couple months later. Most importantly, Battlefront would be mine.


Since it’s release, I have heard many people speak of frustrations with this game. I always have to always ask “Why?” It is fascinating to me when people try and explain something they don’t like. With regards to Battlefront, what exactly do people believe makes the game fall short of their expectations? What did they have in their minds, and how were they disappointed.


For those unaware, two Battlefront games were previously released in 2004 and 2005. These games were ranked by and given an 82 out of 100 and 84 out of 100 respectively. (The PlayStation versions were rated for consistency.) The new Battlefront released last November received a 73 out of 100. This is the same site, twelve years later. The reviews by players located on the same page show a lowly average of 50. Why is the game that numerous people have wanted not meeting our expectations? Why do we see this game and feel like we have been let down?


In my speaking to people, the reason for people’s disappointment varies slightly. “No spaceship battles like before”, or “You can’t choose a class like you could before.” When trying to understand people’s frustrations, phrases like “Cause there are too many places to hide now” and my personal favorite; “I keep dying, so I quit. I used to be good at this stuff!”. These responses do not help explain much…..or do they?


The issue I’ve seen through the explanations of other people breaks down into one major problem with the game. By and large there is a common thread. This is not the game it was before. Many may attempt to justify why their problems are specific or different. I firmly believe though many of these issues can be broken down to this singular concern. No class selection, greater scale battles, more players active on screen, objectives other than “take over the command point”; all these are differences between this game and it’s previous iterations. The question is whom do we blame?


It is rather easy today to blast a product on Twitter or Facebook. We can share this anger with everyone in the world (well, 5 people in the case of my personal Twitter account). We can even personally message and call out those involved in making the game. They should stand trial for the abomination they’ve created! They changed an amazing series that was so much better originally! They need to know how unhappy we are, and to hear us out! We will never buy another game from this company!

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Instead of this mentality, I ask you to consider something. Many times, when things change, people react strongly. Characters dying in our favorite TV show, friends moving, a new job or school, or even Nabisco no longer offering the pumpkin flavored Oreo. “What will the future hold”? “Why can’t things be like they used to be?” “I would come home after a long day and enjoy my Oreos, and now I have to spend time with my family! This is torture!”


Change can be scary, yet it is necessary. If you went to the same school everyday from kindergarten to retirement, most people would become bored, if not go insane. There are some people who have worked for a company twenty or thirty years, yet that is not something you see all the time. There is a reason for that; need for a change. Now, what if we apply this concept to game development?

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                  We have a new game that has been created. We loved the original series, yet this new exciting product does not meet many people’s expectations. We can come up with multiple reasons why we should boycott the game. We can tell our friends it sucks and encourage them to avoid it. Another option when we catch these thoughts in our minds is to consider something else. Could we simply be unwilling to accept change? Are we the ones preventing ourselves from enjoying this game? Are we so stuck in the past that we cannot enjoy what is in front of us?

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