So if we take brief second to freeze frame these scenes. The thought on everyone’s mind had to be similar, or will be similar once you see. “I may not have to deal with Loki on a daily basis, protect some metropolis of  city from impending doom, or even get out of bed Saturday to check the mail if I want to, but I am pretty sure I would look amazing in the costume”.  Please, do not be ashamed of wanting to wear clothes and costumes of your favorite media characters. We have all dawned a cape as we strolled down the stairs like maleficent, or devoted an almost appalling amount of time debating whether we would look good in spandex or not.  It should not be a push for you to always be true to yourself, even with your style. You may end up looking ridiculous or getting a few laughs, but your style should always be unique, just like you. As you gear up for the new and upcoming movie premieres @theblackgeeks took a look at some of different websites and ways a fan can show appreciation to their favorite character while at the same time representing your unique style and fan boy/fan girl status.


Well organized and packed with tons of accessories and hero themed clothes, allows a customer to pick out there hero and see all of the items associated. To include some unique items you may not ever really think about. We all were able to come to the conclusion that spiderman cuff links are a must for the next suit.  As an added bonus, this website offers its very own “Dawn Of Justice” section for all your movie propaganda.


Under Armour




If you are the type to wear basketball shorts and yoga pants everywhere, Under Armour features some amazing hero themed workout gear. Next time you are strolling into your respective places of employment, you could be secretly smiling at how comfortable and relaxing those superman BoxerJocks are, but please don’t rip your pants off to show them off.


TV Store Online



I can understand that the whole hero thing can be a cliché, but TV Store Online does a wonderful job of reminding us of the truly unique sitcoms out there nowadays. I was instantly a fan of the Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead collection.


If you are not the type to just obviously state which character in the media you cannot live without, we located some truly low key ways to represent some of your most admired heroes next time you walk out that front door. Whether your male or female these Pintrest inspired looks will have you on your way to shield for an interview.

For Heroines

For Heros

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