That's So Raven

The 2016 TV show announcements have been one for the books! Most importantly,  for reboots and spin offs of our favorite old shows. Since International TV day just passed, what better way to celebrate than for me to share my opinions on one of these new shows with you? Let me start off by saying my childhood was surrounded by good and wholesome Disney shows. You know, the ones that taught lessons and made you feel good about conquering the next day. The ones that actually talked about social issues like inequality, sexism, and racism. Not like some of these shows that teach us…well NOTHING! Due to the lackluster shows on Disney now, I am proud to announce (and reconfirm for others) that Disney is in the process of making a That’s So Raven spin off!

Let me tell you what the show is about & who’s gonna be in it.

In this spin off, Raven is now a single mother raising two children (a boy and a girl) and one of them inherits her visions. It’ll feature Raven as her old character, as well as Anneliese Van der Pol as Chelsea, the airhead who was Raven’s best friend and ours. Image result for orlando brown snapchatOrlando Brown, however, will not be taking back his role as his beloved character Eddie, which comes as NO surprise! Orlando has completely ruined his chances of ever acting in a major movie or TV show (especially a children’s tv show) for his use of profanity, bad music (in my opinion), obvious ‘lameness,’ and the daily inappropriate video on social media. He has officially joined the ranks of ‘Disney stars gone wild.’ But I digress….

Don’t let your opinion of Raven kill the show!

Now I know we’ve all heard: “Raven’s crazy now,” “She can’t be a role model anymore,” “Can she even act?” I still think the show will be a success! With how beloved of a character Raven Baxter was, I’m willing to give Raven Symone a chance. I mean…if Disney is willing to bring back such a controversial actress for this reboot, then who are we (mere mortals) to not give it a chance as well?

I think the That’s So Raven spin off will be somewhat as funny as the original and will feature a more modern vibe. If they use the same formula, the show will be just as relatable as it’s early 2000s counterpart was, AND Disney will also have a much needed outlet to discuss deeper topics. If they do it right, I know it’ll put our biased opinions not only to rest, but to the slaughter! I urge all my 90s and early 2000s babies who remember the iconic show to give it a chance. You’re gonna be surprised at what it teaches you and how entertaining it’ll be. By adding shows like this to the roster, Disney Channel will become just as good as when it was in it’s prime, and the youth of today can now experience a spoonful of the greatness we devoured.

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