Apple, Microsoft, and Sony kicked off one of the most exciting weeks in tech in a very long time. I don’t think I’ve read so many tech and gaming blogs ever in one week like I did this one! Major developments all around and the whipped cream and cherry on top were the premiers of This Is The End and Man Of Steel. In other words, this was a good week to be a Geek! Rather than go over what many of you already know as you’ve been reading much of the same material as I have. I’ll just point out some of my favorite things this week.


Apple put many of the rumors to rest and although there are a sizable amount ¬†of critics to iOS’s redesign, I actually love it and will share more thoughts on it in a separate post. The new Mac Pro, though I don’t get why they chose the shape is in fact an innovation. 1/8 the size of the previous Mac Pro and more than 2x the power. Then there were the refreshes that were expected of the Macbook Airs with Haswell being a major part giving the diminutive laptops nearly allday battery life. OSX dropped the cat naming convention adopting Mavericks as the name of the next version.


Setting out to prove that the Xbox One is more than a good cable GUI and fancy set top box, Microsoft shown a torrent of exclusive games that make the Xbox One a little more exciting than the day before and almost make you forget their new DRM policies. Standouts include Ryse, Halo, Dead Rising 3, Forza, and Killer Instinct.


Finally showing off the design of their next generation console, Sony distinguished itself by announcing the PS4 will be 100.00 less than the 499.99 Xbox One and will not require an always online connection.

This Is The End

Hands down one of the funniest films to exit the mind of Seth Rogen, This Is The End is a non-stop exercise in hilarity that will leave you begging for mercy.

Man Of Steel

The return of Superman has critics and movie goers divided judging by Rotten Tomatoes scores of 51% and 82% respectively. Critics mourn the loss of Superman’s innocence and audiences seem to love the dark trend and action that’s more reminiscent of DC’s Dark Knight Trilogy than anything ever done with Superman before.

There’s no way you could be a Geek alive this week and not feel overwhelmed with chick pox imitating gooseflesh right now!

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