In this week’s episode, we get The Governor, Governor, Governor, and although I couldn’t wait to see the inevitable showdown between Daryl and Rick, this episode’s departure was worth the wait. Picking up where season 3 left off we find Martinez, The Governor, and the Black guy fleeing the scene where they stabbed their buddies in the back. Sometime later, Martinez and the Black guy abandoned The Governor, finally doing the right thing. However, months later The Governor stumbles across a few survivors and nothing good comes of it. So yeah, he shows some humanity and he helps the survivors, but after a mosh pit of death, The Governor bumps back into Martinez and judging from the previews it’s only going to get worse.

Overall, this was an amazing episode and I can’t wait to see more. There were some hints of the novel Rise Of The Governor and some of the best zombie kills of the season. Though there was no mention of the prison I think telling The Governor’s story was a smart move. This episode also proves the viability of a Walking Dead spinoff as it showed that the much larger world is just as interesting without Rick and the crew. Great show Kirkman and team. Can’t wait until next week.


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