OK, I may be a little dramatic, but this month’s installment continues the inevitable uprising against Negan and true to form, controversy and intrigue ensues, as Maggie is brought back into the story and given a secret mission from Rick, Jesus makes one hell of a slip up which may actually fubar the entire plan, Rick has to deal with some dissent from within the ranks back in the rear, and Michonne pulls a Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon. It’s the last revelation that troubles me the most. With Michonne being more open than at any other time in the series (save the time she almost raped a guy), she candidly informs Rick that she’s getting too old for this shit. Her admission that she’s ready to retire her katana and leave the zombie/dictator A-Team makes me nervous that Kirkman is preparing to off our favorite gunslinger that doesn’t use a gun. This could be typical Kirkman misdirection, but the story is about due for a major character being killed and there’s no better candidate right now besides Rick but Michonne. I hope I’m wrong, wrong, wrong.

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