darylsavesricksskinep110Well now that was an episode! The Governor is like one of the Agents from The Matrix capable of dodging bullets in the open field in broad daylight, Michonne is a terrible shot, Maggie’s pissed at Glenn, Glenn’s pissed at everyone else, Rick continues to see visions of Lori, Axel bites it, Andrea stands by while the Governor obviously goes after her friends, Herschel came close yet again to having his season ended and the Dixon brothers come to the rescue twice in one episode. What else can be said about an episode chock full of memorable moments like a zombie’s head being smashed in a car door, Rick making out with a not-ghost Lori, and Axel being used as bullet proof vest for Carol? This week’s episode “Home” was one of the best this season and shows us fans once again, that The Walking Dead on AMC has some serious staying power and the build-up to the season finale which just so happens to coincide with the season 3 premier of Game of Thrones (let’s not deal with that dilemma just yet) is proving to be epic in a “what farm” from season 2 kind of way.

Outside of the awesomeness that was episode 10, the one question I kept asking myself was “where in the hell is Tyreese?” I’m sorry Kirkman and co, I love your show, but your treatment of African Americans is starting to irk my nerves. The fan favorite from the comic, Michonne, barely speaks, there can never seem to be more than two living black males on the show at any given time, and Tyrese who’s an essential character to the plot concerning the prison in the comics is a no show. Please prove me and the other Black Geeks wrong on this score.

Other than that, I can’t wait to see how Merle mixes things up with the rest of the survivors at the prison, I hope Tyreese and crew show back up, hopefully Michonne does more than grunt, scowl, or reluctantly deliver a line or two, and hopefully Andrea wakes the hell up, because at this point, her character is becoming as irritating as Lori’s and although I know she’s a huge part of the comic, I’m beginning to think it’s better for the show if she took an out of nowhere bullet to the temple while reminiscing about family like Axel did.

As a side note: Talking Dead was really good this week and having Alcide from True Blood on was surreal, huge bonus that he was a fan of the comic and pointing out some of the fans criticisms when it comes to comparing the show with the book. Hell, let’s have┬áTyrion Lannister on next week, Worf after that, etc. the Geekopolis would be upon us if they did that!

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