Soooo, The Walking Dead Season 3 is over and I’m left scratching my head. WTH was that? Granted, I never expected the television to follow the comic scene for scene and scenario for scenario, but something about how this season ended has rubbed me the wrong way. A part of me believes that Hollywood has finally gotten it’s paws on one of the best shows on TV and is systematically ruining it. The prison not only still stands, but now there are Woodbury residents who are staying at the prison. Andrea dead? What are the writers smoking? Overall, it was a solid episode, but c’mon Andrea is a super main character in the comics and killing her is too much. I don’t even know how they can continue any real continuity with the comics at this point and maybe that’s their plan, but someone needs to tell the Hollywood execs to stand the hell down. You will ruin this show with all these changes. Fans don’t want made up characters and major changes to the plot. We just want you to take the comic and translate it on TV as close as possible. SMH, I just don’t have words for how this season ended. I guess in season 4 they’re now going to drag out the prison plot, The Governor, etc. So much for hoping they would hit the road, meet Abraham, fight some cannibals and work their way toward DC. Then again who the hell knows at this point? So is episode 16 a bust? Not really. Is episode 16 a disappointment for fans of the comic? ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY!

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