Ok, full disclosure, I don’t smoke, nor have I ever smoked! But I really think Seth and the gang were high when they wrote this. It was just that damn funny! I have friends that would sit and watch Sponge Bob and laugh their asses off, but I never got the joke. I always thought Sponge Bob was one of the worst cartoons ever, little did I know that they thought the same thing, when they were sober that is. This group of friends who shall forever remain nameless would watch Sponge Bob as high as a kite in a ganja cloud and not stop laughing. After watching This Is The End, I get it! Outside of all the riffs on the end of the world genre, all the cameos and all the overt references to weed and drug abuse, not to mention all of the other not so politically correct references involved therein, this movie boils down to a bunch of friends who got together to make a movie and had a hell of a lot of fun doing it! The chemistry between these guys is comic genius, Jonah Hill and James Franco are at the top of their silly game. Emma Watson’s role will have you in stitches and this is literally one of the first times I’ve actually found Michael Cera funny. For me Seth Rogen and Craig Robinson steal the show, well, that’s until Channing Tatum’s cameo, where he reprises his Magic Mike persona, well sorta. You’ll have to watch it to get what I mean. And you can’t forget Danny McBride, who plays the same role he always does, but the sh** is just funny! You’ll love his character. I really do think these guys were high when they wrote this. But whats’s funny is after watching it, you kinda want some of what they were smoking so you can go back a re-watch it and laugh even harder. This Is The End spoofs the apocalypse genre without setting out to be a spoof movie and delivers big time as both an end of the world flick and a great buddy movie. Kinda makes you wanna role one up and share it with a friend!

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