negan1You know the Zombie Apocalypse taken a turn for the worse, when you let the guy who bashed your friends head in with a bat join your team! Several years into realizing his dream of a safe-ish environment to raise his son, Rick is now facing a threat greater than any he has ever faced, and it seems the only way to survive is with the help of his former greatest threat, Negan.

But should trust the leather jacket clad, foul-mouthed, sociopath?

Several years have passed since Glenn was Lucille’d by Negan and Rick has built a new society of sorts. Alexandria is flourishing, Maggie leads the Hilltop community, and the Kingdom seems to be doing good for itself. Even the Savior HQ under Dwight was doing OK with Negan rotting away in Rick’s jail. That was until Carl met a girl, lost his virginity, and all hell broke loose. They say messing with the wrong girl can be trouble, affect your life even, but who would have thought that in this case, doing so would start a war? See what thinking with the wrong head will get you Carl?

The Whisperers became a threat when it was revealed that Carl was shagging the leader’s daughter, it became a greater threat when said leader went on a murderous rampage and killed several townsfolk including Ezekiel and Rosita to teach a lesson, and now things are so far up the creek thanks to Negan’s “help” by killing said leader.

Did Negan really kill Alpha to earn Rick’s trust or is there a long game in mind?

Rick is prone to bad judgement calls which is where Carl likely inherited his, but has he gone too far this time? Many think he should have just killed Negan outright years ago, he may regret letting Lucille’s rightful owner live. I think Negan is plotting a triple double cross.

Kirkman and co. definitely know how to continue twisting the knife 157 issues in and the upcoming 6-Part arc “The Whisperer War” may not necessarily herald the end of the series, but definitely one or two major characters.

Begun The Whisperer Was Has!



As long as Michonne is safe, I won’t lose any sleep over a major death.

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