The beginning of The Walking Dead season 7 started out with tragedy. Fans lost long time favorite Glenn and newer strong house Abraham. Outcries came from the Twitter world as many wondered if they could continue on with the show now that the strong leader, Rick, had been broken by the new big bad in town- Negan. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is hot (According to Chauncey), and seeing him on screen has been a delight, but the dark cloud that hung over our favorite characters was almost too much to bear for many. Nonetheless, the season finale left us with a single word- HOPE. This long time viewer of the show (and reader of the comics) is super excited to see what the second half of the season has in store for us. The journey since the beginning of the season was long and hard- but we made it- and we should continue!

Negan, like his comic book counterpart minus the profanity, reminded everyone that there are indeed things out there worse than the zombies or The Governor. In scene after scene, whether he was in the episode or not, Negan’s presence was felt and his shadow long and foreboding.

The season so far has been a Negan’s greatest hits YouTube video in the making, and the tragedy and creep factor escalated each episode. Negan is the ultimate villain, and fans had to watch Daryl, Rick, and so many others, be reduced to cowering shadows of their former selves.

I mean, c’mon, Negan opened up season seven by bashing in the heads of Abraham and Glenn with a bat named Lucille! From there Daryl, and the audience, was tortured with a song that would drive anyone mad. Don’t believe me? Listen if you dare!

Oh wait, there’s more! He made Carl cry and sing him the song “You Bring Me Sunshine”, Ironed a guy’s face, and decided to see if Spencer had guts- literally.

Comic Book version shown because show version was far more graphic!

In other words, Negan is a villain you love to hate- and he’s always smiling!

We did get to meet some new characters like King Ezekiel, who is a fan favorite. He may or may not have a thing for Carol. Also, what is wrong with Carol? She seems to get weirder by the second.

Despite what critics say, Season 7 hasn’t been all doom and gloom. Maggie rose from the ashes of tragedy to become a force on the hilltop, Tara found Oceanside, and even after all the danger and tense moments, the crew was able to get back together and get ready to take the fight to Negan and The Saviors.

If the first 6 episodes felt like the Empire Strikes Back or Revenge of the Sith, Episode 7 was definitely a New Hope. Let’s see if we get a Return of the Jedi minus Ewoks! The midseason finale saw the gang get back together in an emotional reunion on The Hilltop, and though Spencer and Olivia were killed, Rick found his resolve thanks to Michonne, and All Out War is all but certain when the season resumes.

Yet, the most interesting turn of this season has been the almost panel by panel fidelity to the show’s comic book counterpart. The first half of the season covers issues 100 – 114 of the comic, making it one of the best seasons so far. I have long held the opinion that The Walking Dead is best when it stays faithful to the comic, and with a few omissions and some changes, this season so far has proven that theory correct.

Judging by the comics and how close the first 7 issues mirror them, prepare for a messy and catastrophic second half. If you already think Negan is bad, wait until you see what’s next…

Judging by the comics and how close the first 7 issues mirror them, prepare for a messy and catastrophic second half and if you think Negan is bad, wait until you see whats next…

The Walking Dead has been all I could hope for. The second half of the season, (what we shall call New Hope) is around the corner, and fans should keep hope that this season will continue to entertain.

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