So I was chatting with a my dear Twitter pal the other week and we started into this convo about Smurfs.
So here are some of the most profound and thought provoking questions about our little blue forest dwellers. 

Where did Jokie Smurf get that much explosive material and how did he not blow off a limb? 

Smurfberry bushes we so far away, why not plant some closer? 

Were Gargamel’s parents financing him behind the scene? Dude had a big house, lots of gear and no job. 

How did they keep those mushroom houses from going bad? Was it super cold in Smurfville? Is that why they were all blue?

How many Smurfs did the Smurf with Smurfette? 

Technically, was Brainy bullied???? 

Did Dreamy have a sleeping disorder?

Was Clockwork Smurf the equivalent of Commander Data?

Did Reporter Smurf have a Snitch Smurf?

Would Tailor Smurf have sold any designs to Macy’s?

Vanity Smurf??? That’s all I’m going to say about that.  

Vanity Smurf


Did the “Papa – Brainy” relationship seem kinda “Sith Lord – apprentice” to you? 

Would Poet Smurf  have dropped a dope rap album? 

Did Papa Smurf secretly have Smurfette on lock? “You know that’s mine right?” Papa said in his Shaft Smurf voice.

After years of terrorism, why not launch an all out Smuf offensive on Gargamel? 

Did Baker Smurf, ever have an off day and say, “Smurf all ya’ll! I ain’t cookin’ smurf today! Ya’ll can kiss my smurf!” 


Was Hefty Smurf on Smurfroids? If so… who sold him the smack??? Hustler Smurf?


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