As we move into another era where people from various walks of life are fighting for their basic civil rights, we present to you the voices of the people. Our “Voice for Freedom and Justice” Podcast features various voices from around the Geek / Blerd community, talking about their views on freedom, social justice, and the politics of the day.

The podcast starts with a reading of Frederick Douglass’ 1852 speech “What to a Slave is the 4th of July”. This is a sobering reminder of where we come from and how far we have to go. 

From the deaths of innocent people like Philando Castile and Sandra Bland, to the basic need to live without fear.
From the Civil Rights Movement, to the Black Lives Matters Movement.
From women’s rights in health care, to their representation in boardrooms.
From the rights of transgender people to the rights for same gender parents.

This podcast seeks to magnify the voices of everyday people. In the end, we hope that you (the listener) will take away something positive. Maybe you will learn something new. Maybe you still feel more encouraged or empowered. Most importantly, we hope that you know that you are not alone and that your voice matters.

The podcast is also available on these links: iTunes, Stitcher, Google PodcastsSoundcloud, and Blog Talk Radio.

Special thanks to all those who contributed to this podcast, and especially St. Clinton for the spoken word pieces. His podcast can be found on:
Tune-InPlayer FMStitcher, Google Podcasts, and Sand Dune Radio.

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