WD- 001I’m so excited right now, I don’t know what to do! Robert Kirkman and gang, gave us one hell of a show! For fans of the comic, they did not disappoint. Sure the show is not meant to be a carbon copy of the comic, but the respect they gave to the source material, is wonderful. From the moment I saw the tank in episode 407 I knew they were truly going to go for the jugular and they did that both literally and figuratively. It now seems to me that their plan isn’t to steer too far from the comic but still make the show unique. Even in the preview for the mid-season premier, they are even showing Carl smacking the taste out of Rick which is a scene from the comic I think issue #49. I don’t want to spoil too much, but one thing is for certain, this episode is not to be missed. So what’s next? Well we know Abraham and his crew has been cast, everyone has split up, and Carl and Rick are alone so it should be a safe guess that the next arc from the comic is going to play out. Humans eating humans, that should be fun. I just want to thank the author, actors, and team behind this show, for giving us one of the best episodes ever, staying true to the source material, and letting us know that you care.  BacrhUYIIAAAi0Y.jpg_largeWD- 012WD- 013

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