The Walking Dead 114-000I could be wrong, but this is one of the longest buildups in the series. Ordinarily, we find Rick and whoever his crew at the moment engaged in a seemingly long period of rest, followed by a new problem, then ultimately a cataclysmic fallout. This pattern has resulted in some good arcs from the initial camp ground, to the farm, the prison, and the cannibals. These arcs all have the distinction of at least feeling like they only take about 6 -10 issues to wrap up. However, this latest arc seems to be taking FOREVER. Don’t get me wrong, I love the writing and Kirkman is still a mad scientist pulling at our psyche each and every month as we throw money at him eager for more, but what the hell gives? Granted, Negan is the type of villain you want offed in the first act and he sure as hell is more intriguing than the Governor, but even with all his witticisms and entertainment value, it’s time to move on. For several issues now it looks like this epic battle is coming to a head and then nothing. This issue continues the epic screw-up of Rick but with another twist that ensures we strung along at least for another issue. Maybe just maybe Rick has learned his lesson and things will work out, but the preview cover of issue 115 leads me to be otherwise. I think another original crew member will bite the dust and quite frankly, I think we’re due for another shocking death. Maybe it will be Rick sense these days he’s looking like the dead weight. Besides, maybe it’s time for psycho Carl to rule the roost. This issue was just another continuation of the long running drama meant to wet your palate and prepare you for something that had better be freaking off the charts crazy over the top insane, making the prison fallout look like minor incident.

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