The Walking Dead 120-000Robert Kirkman is toying with fans of The Walking Dead Comic at this point. I don’t know how much I can take, but 20 issues into this current arc with the villainous but lovable Negan, I’m finding myself ready to scream from the crazy ideas I get in between issues while I go through withdrawal. All out war is upon Rick and team and this time things are really getting ugly and heating up. Several deaths in this issue, a few explosions, and all the ruckus of a Michael Bey film were present and accounted for. In fact, this entire issue read like a big-budget Hollywood Action flick. If they ever get around to doing this on A&E, people will think the mid-season finale of season 4, death of the Governor notwithstanding, to be more like amateur hour. This issue had a little something for everybody: Death and destruction? Check, Negan colorful commentary that would make Merle blush? Check, Move the freaking story arc along? Double Check. Issue 120 has it all except issue 121 included with it that is. I don’t how much longer I go long periods between issues. Who does Kirkman think he is? George R. R. Martin?

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