0001Bloody Hell, Rick has done it again! Rick Grimes is like that athlete who you can always count on to win the game, but when he’s really needed, he misses the shot or fumbles the ball. EVERYONE could tell this Negan thing was going to blow up in Rick’s face at some point and now it finally has. How freaking stupid can Rick be?

Issue 152 picks up where 151 left off. Dwight is training the Alexandria Army, Father Gabriel is turning out to be a holy killing machine, and people still have axes to grind with dear leader. Which is exactly how Rick’s plan for Negan blew up in his face. After nearly killing an obvious threat in Brandon the young snot from the Hilltop, Rick offers the boy tutelage or some crap, because of course a kid who’s father you killed, can’t wait to be under your wing right? Enemies looking to screw you over aren’t good to have in this world. You’d think Rick would know this by now, but nooooooo.

A teen on a mission to get revenge is let loose in Alexandria and naturally he went to find an enemy of Rick’s for help. I predict lots of blood and tragic deaths in the next few issues. There’s definitely a blood tax that has to be paid whenever Rick does something stupid and I hope it’s him this time. Let Andrea or Michonne take the lead. I would have said Carl but of course he’s too in lust to focus on being the badass he used to be. So not only are the Whisperers a threat, Negan is loose, and Eugene is playing footsies over the radio with a mysterious person. Kirkman is setting us up for something epic and tragic. Please let Rick be the one to go this time. Enough is enough.

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